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Screamfest Ticket

Allows entrance to the Screamfest site, entertainment AND all 5 scares.

FastTrack Upgrade

Skip the queues when you upgrade to a FastTrack ticket. £10 per person.

ScaredyCat Ticket

Allows access to the Screamfest site and entertainment but NOT the 5 scares.

Gates open at 7PM.

Online Tickets available up until 5PM on the day of the performance and then can only be purchased on the door. We recommend online booking as we cannot guarantee availability on the night.

50p booking fee per ticket appliesScreamfest Online
(site + 5 scares)
Screamfest On Door
(site + 5 scares)
ScaredyCat Online
(site NO entry to scares)
Ticket Availability
PREVIEW NIGHT Thurs 12 Oct 7pm-£20.00£9.00
Fri 13 Oct 7pm-£28.00£9.00
Sat 14 Oct 7pm-£28.00£9.00
Thurs 19 Oct 7pm-£24.50£9.00
Fri 20 Oct 7pm-£31.00£9.00
Sat 21 Oct 7pm-£31.00£9.00
Sun 22 Oct 7pm-£24.50£9.00
Tues 24 Oct 7pm-£24.50£9.00
Weds 25 Oct 7pm-£24.50£9.00
Thurs 26 Oct 7pm-£28.00£9.00
Fri 27 Oct 7pm- £31.00£9.00
Sat 28 Oct 7pm-
Sun 29 Oct 7pm-£28.00£9.00
Tues 31 Oct 7pm-£28.00£9.00

Click Here to Tickets Online and Guarantee Entry!