"Scariest thing I've ever experienced!"
- Sarah Emma Wyatt
"Brilliant. We haven't screamed & laughed so much ever."
- Amy Oram
"I completley lost all self control and dignity, screamed my head off"
- Laura Surga
"Screamfest just gets better and better every year !!!!!!"
- Lee Grice
"Loved it so scary but so fun"
- Kay Ashurst
"Loved it - was a great night and worth every single penny!!"
- Aleisha Lea Holyman
"I thought it was absolutely amazing from the chainsaws to clowns, truly incredible."
- Charlotte Harmer
"We had a really good night, plenty of scares and laughs!!!"
- Sureyya Ahmet
Our Scares

Give your soul to Demonica
New scare for 2017

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Love Hurts

Looking for love?
Just pray you're not one of the

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Freak out

Roll up... Roll up!
The Circus is back in town.

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Soul Seekers

Join the Soul Seekers TV crew to investigate blood curdling happenings at the abandoned Grand Hotel.

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2 Terrifying New Scares

Dia de Muertos & Demonica.
More information coming soon